The following persons have lodged applications for admission to the Australian legal profession in New South Wales. The Legal Profession Admission Board may determine whether or not to issue compliance certificates in respect of these persons at any time after the date nominated next to each applicant’s name.

If you wish to object to the issue of a compliance certificate in relation to any of the named persons, you must lodge an objection in writing with the LPAB by 5:00 pm on the date nominated next to the applicant’s name. The LPAB’s contact details are provided on our contact us page.

Surname First Name Middle Name(s) Deadline for Objection
Ali Syed Muhammad 03/04/2020
Barton Kate Elizabeth 06/04/2020
Costi Stefanie Stavroula 07/04/2020
Gao Yige 03/04/2020
James Charles William 06/04/2020
Keogh Yolana 03/04/2020
Naidoo Traidy Timmy 09/04/2020
Spigelman Naomi Tova 03/04/2020
Tomlins Natalie Maree 07/04/2020
Willink Peter Alexander 03/04/2020